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I am so pleased with the outcome related to the dental work I received at KB Dental.  The friendly, dedicated, and professional staff made each visit a pleasure.  I look forward to future appointments with KB Dental to service my needs.




I have always been ashamed to smile.  My confidence was very low but I could not afford to restore my teeth with veneers or other costly cosmetic treatment.  Dr. Kaleka and Dr. Brar gave me an alternative more affordable option to enhance my smile.  It's called "Snap on Smile".  It snaps over your own teeth replacing the missing teeth and also reshaping my teeth.  In only two short appointments I have the smile I have always dreamed of.  I will be able to save for my permanent restorations while I now have the confidence to smile and live a happier life.

- Karen

Brar’s keen attention to detail.  He is more than willing to accommodate my every concern and that’s been valuable to me because it makes me feel comfortable expressing what I’d like my dream smile to look like.

It also reassures me that Dr.  Brar will go above and beyond to help me achieve that. I am more than satisfied and thankful for finding Dr. Brar.

- Christina

KB Dental and the entire staff have been great.  I really loved that they made me feel a personal connection from everyone there.  I have visited and called several dental offices, including the ones I’ve seen on TV, but starting with my first consultation I knew that Janie was the right person to work with.

After meeting with Dr. Brar and the rest of the staff, especially the two hygienists, I felt like you all sincerely cared for the condition of my oral health and that is beyond what you may think a dentist should care about. Denise, I probably would have missed a couple of appointments had it not been for you following up with me and not getting mad when I didn’t answer the phone.

The emails and texts really kept me on task. Shavona, thank you so much for being there.  I can be a little high maintenance sometimes. But you stepped in very professional, warm, super nice, and caring. I really felt comfortable with you and your input was greatly appreciated.

- Don

I am very satisfied with the dental treatment that I received.  When I first came in I was very ashamed of the way my mouth looked.  Now thanks to Dr.  Kaleka, I have a lot of confidence in myself.  I have people in the street that would stop and give me compliments on my smile.  They tell me that they look so natural.  I tell them who my dentist is and I am proud to do so!

- Hazel

I Love KB Dental!  From the moment I walk in I’m in love.  The smell of the waiting room is so warm and bubbly. As I reach the front desk I am greeted by two lovely receptionists with a warm smile.  The associates here make you feel at home. At KB Dental I feel like I am appreciated, and I also feel like my money isn’t being thrown away.  I love it here!  All the smiles here are warm and welcoming.  When I am in the patient’s chair, I am always asked if I need something to make me more comfortable. The assistant will always ask if I am ok or how do I feel. KB Dental is like family to me.

The establishment is not run like a business, but like a place that is committed to provide their clientele with exceptional service.

I love that I am also inspired here. I’ve learned with hard work and effort progress can be made.  I love that KB Dental is always implementing the latest technology or ways to improve a person’s smile by continuing their education in the dental field.  KB Dental initiated an inspirational change in my life.  We both took baby steps with finances.  When I first saw how much work I needed for my teeth and the cost, I felt it was impossible.  KB Dental worked with me and together we completed a diamond smile in the rough.

- Jessica

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